Our focus is to provide effective 3D development support to industrial designers - taking ideas, sketches, drawings and electronic files and transforming them with skill and intuition into successful three-dimensional reality. Processes and Equipment We understand that the success of a model or prototype is greatly enhanced by the skilled execution of the details. To that end, we draw upon a wide variety of materials, processes and equipment. Including but not limited to: *Concept, Appearance and Engineering Models *Materials include foam, wood, plastics, metal, etc.. *4 Axis CNC Machining *Vacuum Forming *Urethane duplicates (hard or soft) from RTV Molds *Color matching and superior finishes (textures and sheens) *Laser Cutting and Etching *Full Color Graphics *Roto-Molding, Metal Tooling *Rapid Prototyping, Working Models 607-400 Redna Terrace  Cincinnati, Ohio  45215  Phone:  513-771-8005  AskUs@Scottmodels.com PROCESS AND EQUIPMENT 513-771-8005 AskUs@scottmodels.com